No. of nights
Cancellation Policy

If you cancel the confirmed reservation, more than 30 days preceding your check-in date, full advance payment will be refunded.

If a booking is cancelled between 30th and 16th days of check-in date, there will be 1 (one) night retention charges. Balance will be refunded.

If you cancel the confirmed reservation 15 days preceding your check-in date or No Show on the date of your check-in, 100% advance paid will be charged as cancellation fees and no refund will be given.

Bank/online payment fees/charges will be levied on refund, for any cancellation within cancellation period eligible for refund.

Cancellation has to be made in writing. Cancellation communication may be sent through email ID of the guest/ booking agent to or by post to the Customer Service ONLY, otherwise no cancellation will be entertained. Cancellations will not be accepted over Phone.

Wedding Booking will neither be cancelled nor modified. No deposit will be refunded

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