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Kumarakom bird sanctuary

Kumarakom Bird Sanctuary also known as Vembanad Bird Sanctuary or Baker’s Estate is situated on the banks of Vembanad Lake. Set in the Kerala Backwaters the bird sanctuary is an ornithologist’s paradise and a favourite haunt of migratory birds. The main attractions are local birds like the waterfowl, cuckoo, owl, egret,heron, cormorant, moorhen, darter, brahminy kite and the duck, as well as the migratory siberian crane. Parrot, teal, lark, flycatcher, and other birds are seen here during their respective migratory seasons. Dawn is the ideal time for bird watching when the birds
prepare to leave their forest homes and fly over the lake. An early morning trek, well before sunrise, is recommended for avid bird watchers.

Aruvikkuzhi waterfall

Aruvikuzhi is a beautiful picnic spot and an ideal shooting location for stills. The waterfalls here are falling in five steps and are making a real visual feast. The streams make their way through the landscape of rocks amidst the rubber plantations and the water roars as it cascades down the mountains from a height of 100 ft. Lourde Matha Church is situated at the top of the waterfalls. The waterfalls is at their best after the monsoon rain in Kerala (after June–July) and may get almost dried up by the summer (March- April).

Vembanad Lake

Vembanad is the longest and one of the largest lakes in India. The lake is a major tourist location due to its scenic beauty. The most popular location on the shores of the lake is the Kumarakom Tourist Village.The celebrated Nehru Trophy Boat Race is conducted in a portion of this lake; in the Kuttanad region, known as the Punnamada Lake. Vembanad Kol Wetland was included in the list of wetlands of international importance, as defined by the Ramsar Convention for the conservation and sustainable utilization of wetlands.

Bay Island Driftwood Museum

“It is worth stopping by the Bay Island Driftwood Museum, not least for owner Raji Punnoose’s animated explanations of her life’s work. Inside is a motley collection of driftwood from the Andaman Sea which has been cleaned up and arranged to resemble in all manner of shapes and wildlife. Some pieces have striking resemblances to real life objects, while others take a lot more imagination and prompting from the convincing Ms.Punnoose. Kumarakom. A visitor would find there a huge collection of root sculptures of various shapes and designs” – As mentioned in Lonely Planet tourist

Ettumanoor Mahadeva Temple

Ettumanoor Mahadeva temple is an ancient Shiva temple which was reconstructed in 717 ME (1542 AD). There are Dravidian mural paintings on the walls inside and outside of the main entrance. The fresco of Pradosha Nritham (Dance of Shiva) is one of the finest Wall painting inIndia. The arattu festival is celebrated on a grand scale on the thiruvathira day in February–March every year.


Pathiramanal which means ‘Sands of night’ is a small island in the Vembanad Lake, home to many rare varieties of migratory birds from different parts of the world. The island is a Birdwatcher’s paradise. It is home to around 91 local species of birds and 50 migratory birds. One can see pintail ducks, common teal, night heron, cormorant, darter, indian shag, purple heron, gulls, terns, large egrets,intermediate egret, cattle egret, indian pond heron, little egret, pheasant-tailed and bronze-winged jacanas, stork-billed kingfisher,watercock, whistling duck, cotton pygmy-goose, little cormorant and whiskered tern. If you are lucky you can even spot a monarch flycatcher.

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